Before the MSc TESOL program started, I went to Highland with Rabbie tour for five days. The view, the landscape, the weather, there was so amazing and impressive. I really enjoyed the time there. At that time, we were away from the internet, most of the modern technology. All we saw and experienced was the nature of the world. Our tour guide Ross was a very knowledgeable man who can drive while telling stories. He is a photographer, so basically we follow his steps to take nice pictures.  Here are the pictures!!!!!img_0205


It is very amazing, isn’t it?



Dear all

I am Tina from Taiwan. I am now doing my MSc TESOL in the university of Edinburgh

This is my new blog for the optional course- online language learning(OLL).

I will share my life, any interesting information, and my study progress with you all here on my blog.

Best regards, Tina